Fury Road Zombie Crash

Fury Road Zombie Crash

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Fury Road Zombie Crash
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Fury Road Zombie Crash Overview


Fury Road Zombie Crash speeds up on our website as one of the best new zombie car games online! Sometimes, a bat, even a gun, is not enough! So, you go behind the wheels of a car, and smash into zombies! Run over them, kill them, and make them even more dead! Otherwise, the undead will bring you down with them. Don't let it happen! We didn't, as we lived to tell the tale, so let our experience guide you!

Go on the Fury Road! Crash the Zombie!

To drive and drift your car, use WASD. Press and hold the spacebar to activate the handbrake. Driving with it on allows you to make cool drifts. If while you're drifting you hit zombies, even better! In each level, you've got a number of zombies to kill. Run them over, and then advance to the next locations. Guess what? There are more zombies there! We're in a zombie apocalypse, aren't we?

Armor up, level up!

Killing zombies earns you coins. Use them in the garage. Don't just buy better cars, but upgrade them along the way. Add a bumper, put spikes on the wheels, a saw to cut the zombies up, and if you've got lots of cash, get the wrecking ball.

If an upgrade is expensive, it means you can kill a lot of zombies with it. Make sure to unlock them all! The more expensive a car gets, they get better in the following abilities:

  • health
  • armor
  • attack
Destroy the zombie world!

Around the maps, you can see fiery canisters, walls, boxes, and other items. Bump the zombies into them to kill them as well. Make sure you're not crashing instead. If you run out of health, the zombies overrun you. Even a car cannot handle a horde of zombies, so don't let them group together! Drive, drift, crash them!

How to play?


Can I play Fury Road Zombie Crash on my phone?
Yes, but only if it is an Android. Touch controls appear on-screen for you to drive your car.

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