Deads On The Road

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What is Deads On The Road?

Deads On The Road

Deads On The Road is the best new addition we have for our website when it comes to sharing zombie shooting games 3D for you all, something we are always going to make sure we do since we know that this is one of the most beloved genres here, even more so when you get to shoot down this undead in all these various locations:

  • Forest
  • City
  • Desert
  • Barn
  • Farm
  • Beach
  • Ladle
  • Castle

Shoot down the Deads On The Road online!

As you move down the road automatically, use the WASD keys to change directions, so that you grab the new weapon upgrades that you find along the way, with not only guns, but even rifles, or katanas.

Then, use the mouse to fire them or attack them, while making sure not to let yourself get bit by the zombies too many times because then your health bar depletes and you lose the game.

For each run you make, try to get far through the enemies, killing lots of them along the way, so that you unlock new courses, as well as beat your previous high score.

Good luck, enjoy, and don't stop here, since we've got many more amazing games coming, and you should not be missing out on them, we guarantee!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse.

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