Zombie Paradise - Fury Road

Zombie Paradise - Fury Road

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Zombie Paradise - Fury Road
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Zombie Paradise - Fury Road Overview


Zombie Paradise - Fury Road is a brand new action-heavy game with trucks where you fight against zombies using them, and this is a format that has been around for a long time, in many versions, and this one is also going to be certainly one that you love a bunch, just like we did, so don't miss playing it for anything in the world!

Go on Fury Road and stop the Zombie Paradise!

If you choose the Fury Road mode, you pick between playing during the day or during the night, and what you do is the same, which is moving through the hordes of zombies and defeating them, earning money in return to acquire new trucks and all sorts of cool new upgrades to use.

If you pick the Arena mode, that one features lots of trucks controlled by the computer in the arena, where everyone fights against one another, with the last one surviving, but only if you manage to defeat the zombie. Steer your trucks using either WASD or the ARROW keys.

Good luck and the best we wish you, as always, and we hope that this is far from the final new game you play today on our website, we've always got the best in store for everyone!

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