Hyper Cars Ramp Crash

Hyper Cars Ramp Crash

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Hyper Cars Ramp Crash
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Hyper Cars Ramp Crash Overview


Try Hyper Cars Ramp Crash if you are in the mood to play one of the best 2-player car racing games online with stunts, car-crashing action, and ramps to jump on, all with supercars, hyper, actually, which are fast, look cool, and you can only get behind the wheel of in a virtual game, so this is the best experience you could be having on our website right at this moment, we guarantee!

Drive the Hyper Cars and Crash the Ramps!

Being a game in two players, you might want to know the two sets of controls you need to use in order to take control of your cars:

  • Player 1 drives with WASD, L-Shift for NOS, R to reset, C to change the camera view.
  • Player 2 drives with the ARROWS, N for NOS, L to reset, and U to change the camera view.

1. The first mode you need to know about is Career, where you have a multitude of levels to pass, each one rising the level of the challenge you have to go through, with the courses you drive on being filled with ramps to jump on, obstacles to avoid, and curves to drift on. You can do it in the following locations:

  • Side Road
  • Forest
  • Ocean
  • Desert
  • Fall Break

2. We continue with the Free Style mode, where you are given courses at random, which you can explore by doing stunts however you see fit, with no requirements to achieve.

3. Finally, test your speed and skills in the Time Trial mode, where you need to finish the stunt courses before the time given to you runs out, so drive fast through one checkpoint after another.

Visit the Customize panel in the main menu to use the money you earn from the levels to change your cars, and buy new ones, doing tuning to make them look however you see fit.

Now that it has been understood, feel free to begin this exciting new virtual car experience, and don't stop here, since there are so many you can have on our website, day after day!

How to play?

P1: WASD, L-Shift, R, C.

P2: ARROWS, N, L, U.

Tips & Tricks

  • The crazier stunts you make with your car, the more money you earn to buy new hypercars!
  • Get extra time in the time trial mode by driving through the checkpoints.
  • Try the fall break mode, a hypercasual driving experience like you've never seen before!

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