Ramp Car Jumping

Ramp Car Jumping

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Ramp Car Jumping
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Ramp Car Jumping Overview


Ramp Car Jumping is a highly-detailed and really awesome car driving game in 3D with a crazy premise in which you have a really big ramp on which you can drive high into the sky and try to jump high into the air, and the further you can reach, the better stunt driver you are going to become, of course!

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You start off by only driving cars, but down the road, you get to unlock the truck mode as well. Use the arrow keys to drive, and try to accelerate as much as possible before you set off from the ramp, so that you get as high into the sky as possible, and make a big distance to break your records every time.

Hold space, enter, or the left mouse button to accelerate forward.

There is also a Versus mode, in addition to the solo one, with a split-screen, where you try to jump further than your enemy, simple as that. With coins, you earn by playing you get to buy new cars, as well as cool new upgrades, and you might even get the chance to draw your own course with ramps and platforms that stem from your imagination.

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How to play?

Use the A, D, space, enter, arrow keys, and the mouse.

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