PacMan 3D RTX

PacMan 3D RTX

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PacMan 3D RTX
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PacMan 3D RTX Overview


PacMan 3D RTX is the ultimate modern version of Pac-Man online that we invite you to play right now since the game is not only rendered in 3D, way more advanced than the classic arcade version but RTX is also turned on, so you can bet that you will see some of the best graphics this category has ever had!

Play PacMan in 3D right now, online, and with RTX ON!

Move the Pac-Man, your yellow ball with a huge mouth, using the WASD keys, as you move through the maze eating up the orange balls to get points in return and increase your score. Avoid the ghosts chasing you around because if they touch you, you lose a life, and losing three lives means losing the game.

If you grab the glowing and big balls at the corners of the labyrinths, you will be able to start eating up the ghosts for a while, so take advantage of that skill when you have it, and when you eat them you gain even more points than normally. Good luck, the best we wish you, and we hope that you stick around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys.

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