Google PacMan

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What is Google PacMan?

Google PacMan

The Google PacMan sprite that turned into the game used to be a special event, but now you can have it any time you wish, as our team is now delighted to share with everyone the amazing game that it is, especially since we have a full-on category of pac-man games online for kids we've created for you all, hence the reason why we are sharing it with you!

Play Google PacMan online anytime, anywhere!

The maze you usually see in this game now is shaped in the letters of Google, and you have to help Pac-Man go through it and eat up all the dots, without letting yourself get caught and eaten instead by the ghosts that are moving around because if that happens, you lose.

Use the arrow keys to navigate the maze, and catch the blinking big dots in order to get the power to eat up the ghosts themselves and get some extra points, but know that it comes at a limited time. It's as simple as that, so start right now, and don't think about forgetting to share the game with friends as well!

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