Brawl Stickman: Arena Stars

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What is Brawl Stickman: Arena Stars?

Brawl Stickman: Arena Stars

Brawl Stickman: Arena Stars is going to be one of the best new fighting games online for boys you get to fight, precisely because of the type of warriors you get to become, and that you get to go into an arena inspired by another popular series, and we will now give you more instructions about everything, so you can begin right away!

Win the Stickman Brawl to become Arena Stars!

Enter the arena with your stickman, and you also do it with other players, with all of you getting divided into two teams of three members each. Use WASD to move your stickman, the mouse to shoot your guns, and with E you pick up items and interact with your surroundings.

Before the time runs out, shoot the members of the other team and be the last one standing to win the brawls, and use any earnings you make to buy new weapons to use to your advantage, making upgrades to your items as well as gear and character, so that you become stronger as you level up.

We wish you the best for this exciting new experience and hope that you tell your friends about it too, and you might meet one another in the arena, who knows!

How to play?

Use WASD, E, and the mouse.

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