Brawl Clicker - Evolution

Brawl Clicker - Evolution

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Brawl Clicker - Evolution
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Brawl Clicker - Evolution Overview


Brawl Clicker - Evolution is a really simple new idle clicking game online from the Brawl Stars Games online category of our website, where we're now inviting the games of this mega-franchise to try unlocking all of their favorite Brawlers from this world, using the power of patience and clicks, which we are sure you will utilize to your best, and we're going to show you how to do it right now, in case you're new to this format!

Reach evolution with the new Brawl Clicker online!

You will have a brawler in front of you, and for each click that you make on them you earn coins, as well as upgrade the progress bar for their level. Keep clicking and tapping until the bar is full to level up, at which point the character evolves into a new one, and so forth, as you try to collect all the brawlers.

Now, know that in each new level, the bar will fill up slower with your clicks. To get help, buy the upgrades from the shop. You've got auto-click, which earns you coins automatically at a given time, the cursor, which means more power in your click, and more coins, or other special abilities like the electric charge.

Each upgrade gets more expensive after you buy it once, but your coin meter is also going to rise faster, so you will have the funds. Of course, never stop clicking, so that you can reach the final level faster, and unlock all your favorite brawling friends!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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