Epic Road Idle

Epic Road Idle

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Epic Road Idle
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Epic Road Idle Overview


Get ready for a really awesome hypercasual experience with Epic Road Idle online, a new 3D game we totally recommend for each and every one of you, especially if you like combines, trucks, tractors, and other heavy machinery, of which you get to drive, put to work, and make money off of, something we've just done ourselves, and we will teach you to do as well!

Create an Epic Road Idle online!

You start off with a wheelbarrow, with which you go to the machine to take asphalt, and then put it on the road until it gets 100% progress, at which point you will take the broom and lay it out, making it fine, and even have lines drawn on it.

Use this method to create one block of the road at a time, one after another, and do so until you've made a big road, which is when the transportation can start happening.

You will earn money from the taxes on the road and the money earned from it as a business so that you can buy tractors and trucks to start deliveries on it, which earns you even more.

Hire new workers to do the same job idle, when you're not controlling them directly so that you can make more progress, and keep earning more cash. It's that simple, so start right now, only here, and feel free to begin right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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