Idle Mine&Merge

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What is Idle Mine&Merge?

Idle Mine&Merge

Idle Mine&Merge, as the title suggests, combines miner games with merging games, two formats and gameplay styles that can be quite similar to one another, as they are both focusing on your brain and how it can operate to its full capacity, giving you a challenge we are sure you will really enjoy, about which we will now tell you more, so you can give the game your very best!

Let's Idle Mine&Merge online and have fun!

Use the mouse to mine through the ground to get stones, minerals, and other rocks that are going to help you create weapons and tools, and then merge them together so that you defeat the enemies in the box on the top left side of the screen, while also earning gold along the way.

Always earn more resources and more money, since the enemies you have to fight to upgrade one level after another, as you keep beating them, so you should be upgrading too, and merging the tools and weapons you have at hand will help you quite a lot for that.

Let's start now, only here, and maybe invite your friends for more fun too, it would be a shame for them not to try all the awesome games of the day we've got in store!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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