Merge Car Idle Tycoon

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What is Merge Car Idle Tycoon?

Merge Car Idle Tycoon

In this cool new casual game on our website, you have to purchase cars, merge them, and use them to earn money and to merge better cars. You start by buying level 1 cars and merging them into level 2 cars, these cars earn you money while you are idle but you can also put them on the globe to earn even more money.

You may also click the cars to earn money, the more you click the more money you will earn. Higher-level cars will earn you more money than lower-level ones. Once you've earned enough money you may also upgrade the lower class cars to be better by default.

You may also upgrade the income amount, you can lower the purchase price and lower the price of the cars by buying these upgrades. Buying and merging cars will earn you experience points, after reaching a certain level your parking space will be enlarged and you will be able to house more cars at once than before.

Have fun!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.