Idle Hypermart Empire

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What is Idle Hypermart Empire?

Idle Hypermart Empire

After seeing how much you enjoy our business and management games online we bring you here all the time, we know that sharing this new game with you, called Idle Hypermart Empire, was one of the best decisions we could take for the day, and if you try this game right now and here, you will swiftly agree with us and have a really great time!

Build and Idle Hypermart Empire online!

Use the funds you have gotten to start your business to buy your first floor, and then tap on the workers to initiate their labor. With the money that you earn, you should then go to the office to collect it, and then use it to hire new workers to do their jobs and keep collecting their money.

That is how you build a war chest that will allow you to add new floors to your hypermarket tower, after the veggie and fruit one you start off with. The whole building is available for rent so that you can increase the number of products you sell, and thus, generate more money.

The more you build, the more money you make even when you're not doing anything, just make sure to go and get it, so that you can put it back into the investment. Like with real businesses, the more you work, the more you gain, so aim for that, and see for yourself just how much fun you can have here, as per usual!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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