Dino Idle Park

Dino Idle Park

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Dino Idle Park
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Dino Idle Park Overview


Step right up into the virtual Dino Idle Park online, where you get the chance of building yourself, sort of like in the Jurrasic Park movie, which we are highly positive you are going to enjoy positively from start to finish, but it will not end up like in the disaster of the movie. Let's see how to do all this, so you can start playing right away!

Let's build your own Dino Idle Park online!

Use the first money that you have to build two new patches of land for the island, create an entrance to the park as well, and then dig up the fossil to reveal an egg, which you then crack so that you can spawn a dinosaur. You then build a home for it, where you settle it, bringing it about with a helicopter.

Now, make sure that you have visitors coming over to the island, where they will buy tickets to watch your dinosaur, and with the money you earn you get more land, more shelters, and fill them up with more dinosaurs, expanding the park, and generating more income all the time.

Surely you've got it, so now that you have, there should be nothing stopping you from starting this amazing game right now, and having endless fun with it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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