Supermarket Empire

Supermarket Empire

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Supermarket Empire
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Supermarket Empire Overview


Supermarket Empire is going to be yet another fascinating and amazing hypercasual business management game online in 3D, a genre that has been ever-growing lately, just like we are sure will be the case for your shop, if you try this game out, precisely why sharing the game with you right now was important for us, and many of you will jump at the chance to become a shop manager once more, right away!

Build the best Supermarket Empire online!

Use the mouse to move your manager around the shop if you are playing on computers, and use the touch controls and drag him around if you are playing on a phone or tablet.

Take your first money to build your shelves, on which you will then bring tomatoes in, and after the stocking is done, sell them at the counter to your clients.

With their money you get to unlock new shelves, as well as new areas for the shop, so you can sell other things too, such as watermelon, house objects, and other groceries. The more you sell, the better.

Level up your skills and your shop, and even hire some idle workers to help you out automatically. You can play however long you want since only you know how big of a shopping empire you want to build. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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