Cooking Chef Food Fever

Cooking Chef Food Fever

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Cooking Chef Food Fever
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Cooking Chef Food Fever Overview


Cooking Chef Food Fever is a new cooking and serving game online with a restaurant theme and gameplay, a format that has been standing the test of the time for many years right now, which is why we have such awesome new modern additions to it, like this example here, which we could not have missed the opportunity of sharing with you all, whom we know love playing cooking games like this!

Play Cooking Chef Food Fever and have fun in the restaurant's kitchen!

As clientele comes into your restaurant, they will show you in a bubble what kind of food or drink they want, such as eggs with toast and coffee for breakfast, but maybe steakes, fries, pasta, and others for dinner, and don't forget about brunch and launch as well, with snacks and other cool food, as the recipes are always changing.

In front of you there is the kitchen, where you get the ingredients as well as the tools needed to cook those dishes, so make them in time, don't overcook them, and serve them to the customer. Simply tap to make all these actions, and get money in return if you do it properly.

You need to make a certain amount of money in each day to keep the restaurant afloat, improve it, and make it popular so that you get even more customers. Can you handle all the workload? If you are dedicated, for sure, so we invite you to start right away!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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