Idle Lumber Inc Online

Idle Lumber Inc Online

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Idle Lumber Inc Online
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Idle Lumber Inc Online Overview


Idle Lumber Inc Online is yet another amazing idle business and management game online that we recommend mostly to boys since they must be interested the most in the world of lumberjacks and cutting down wood, but girls are invited too, as everyone can have simply an amazing time building something from scratch!

Let's work our hardest at Idle Lumber Inc Online!

Hire workers to cut down the logs, put them in trucks, and then acquire trains to transport them to where they are needed, where you will sell them for profit, which will allow you to hire even more workers, put more trains on the tracks, and add new tools and facilities that make work go smoothly, and the money keeps coming in.

Expand your territory as well, as you can buy new plots of land with more trees to cut down, and make sure to always put the trees back into place by planting the seeds, and when they grow, you will once again make money. Everything you do you will use the mouse for, and you simply need to follow your business instincts.

Now that you've understood, start right now, and maybe invite your friends along to play the game as well, they might not have known about it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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