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Poke The Presidents

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Poke The Presidents
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Poke The Presidents Overview


Poke The Presidents is a funny new clicker game online, also an idle game at the same time, with clicking, collecting, and funny reactions, all resulting in one of the best new experiences you could be having here today free of charge, right at the start of the day, so allow us to explain what to do, so you can begin doing it ASAP!

Let's Poke The Presidents online!

With the mouse or touch controls, you click/tap on the screen to throw paper balls at the politicians, starting off with Trump, but others will appear too, such as Obama, Bush, Clinton, and other famous presidents. The goal you have is throwing things at them, their staff, and things around them to make them upset and get reactions from them.

Fill up the anger bar at the top right to achieve that, and when the green one is full, you win. With the coins you earn from nagging the presidents and poking them, you can buy new items to throw from the shop, such as tomatoes, but also acquire new items to fill the room up with, as well as change the bodyguards, and unlock new characters.

Try poking until you have unlocked everything, made the most progress, and have annoyed all the presidents and seen all of their angered reactions. Enjoy, have fun, and laugh too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • The faster you click, the more you poke the presidents, and fill up the progress bar.
  • Unlock new items or security guards to earn more coins from hitting them.
  • Upgrade the paper balls into tomatoes and other items that make your poking harder and funnier!

Game Walkthrough

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