Zombie Idle Defense

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What is Zombie Idle Defense ?

Zombie Idle Defense
We have new games every day, let's find out. We have a new zombie game. Learn to survive the zombies that appear in the very large band.

Survive the hungry zombies that come in large numbers. Find your energy and fight the hungry creatures. Win all levels to receive coins that will help you buy the best weapons or pistols you can in order to continue fighting them. The game is structured in levels, and in each of these levels, the hungry monstrous creatures come in several waves. , however, their number increases from one wave to another.

You can repeat a level as many times as you want if you think it will help you improve the tricks by which you attack the creatures so that you can be better with each level. Each of your characters can have special powers meant to destroy from the air, for example, all the zombies that appear in your way. It's very simple to play, just follow the instructions below: Use the mouse or touch the screen to aim and shoot.

Have fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch the screen to aim and shoot

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