Zombie Die Idle

Zombie Die Idle

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Zombie Die Idle
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Zombie Die Idle Overview


Make zombies die in an idle way with one of the best new additions to our website, a mobile-friendly 3D game online where you have to survive as a regular stickman against those who have turned into undead monsters and prepare yourself to stand against even more of them, all actions that we will now teach you how to do, worry not!

Get the zombie to die in a new idle 3d game!

Move your stickman avatar with the mouse or touch controls, having to do a course of actions that goes like this: kill the zombies, sell their items for money at the shop, and then build bases and level up your character with that money, so that you become stronger, and have better defenses.

In the next level, after you've leveled up, there are more zombies to defeat, so always be one step ahead of them with your upgrade, selling, and fighting, so that you take down all the waves, no matter how big they become, and step by step get ahead of the monsters, in the name of living humans!

We wish you the best, and when you're done, you're invited to check out more of this category, since it is purely awesome, and waiting for you with fresh meat!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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