Darkness in Spaceship

Darkness in Spaceship

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Darkness in Spaceship
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Darkness in Spaceship Overview


A first-person shooter game in 3D is already a must-play, we promise, but if it is also a horror shooting game with zombies, even better, and we're raising up the reasons to play it even more as this game is set in space, as you might have realized from the title, Darkness in Spaceship, the game being tested by us, so we can now show you just how you can enjoy it to the fullest as well!

Shoot zombies and survive the Darkness in Spaceship online!

In a dark spaceship there are zombies who have been former scientists and technicians on board, who've now got a deadly virus, and you were sent in as a soldier to eliminate them, so shoot down all the zombies as you make sure not get to killed by them instead, which happens if you lose all your health points.

Move with WASD, jump with space, run with shift, use R to reload, and, of course, aim and shoot your gun with the mouse. It's that simple, so now that you've got the gist of it for sure, feel free and relaxed to start, and if you die, just get back on the horse and try again!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, space, shift, the mouse, and R.

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