Lowrider Cars - Hopping Car Idle

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What is Lowrider Cars - Hopping Car Idle?

Lowrider Cars - Hopping Car Idle

Lowrider Cars - Hopping Car Idle is the latest idle clicker game online from our website, which we are positive you are going to love very much since this is not a combination you get to see here just every day, so our team is once again making sure you get to have a fresh experience here, as we do all the time!

Try a Hopping Car Idle game with Lowrider Cars online!

With the mouse, you have to click on the lowrider cars, which are going to be hopping when you do that, and in return, you get coins, which you should buy upgrades with so that when you keep clicking on them, you earn even more coins in return, which only means that you get even more cars to unlock and buy, which you then continue clicking on.

How many cars do you think you can get? We're sure that plenty, and we're sure that many of you will be able to give their best, and get many of them, after which we hope you invite your friends to do the very same, and maybe check out more of our other games too!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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