Fairyland: Merge & Magic

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What is Fairyland: Merge & Magic?

Fairyland: Merge & Magic

Fairyland: Merge & Magic is about to be one of the best idle merge games online to have been added to our website, with amazing graphics, easy gameplay, and a full vast world that waits for you to discover it, or, rather, build it from scratch, as it is through matching and merging items that you unleash the magic of the fairies!

Merge and use Magic in the Fairyland online!

After taking the first three items and merging them, special flowers, and a fairy will appear, who will then guide you through the other things that you will start doing. Merge plants to create magic keys, create fruits, and expand the areas of the fairyland in order to be able to do even more merging.

As you keep merging items you get to create more magic, and fairies, build houses for them, and develop their land in one that is mystical and enchanting, as you would expect from the home of the fairies, no?

Of course, from doing all these activities you will earn coins in return, which you can use to acquire all sorts of interesting items, maybe skins, or you can use them as resources to grow Fairyland even further. Either way, we're sure you will have plenty of fun as only here is possible, so don't miss out on the game for anything in the world!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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