Ball Clicker

Ball Clicker

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Ball Clicker
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Ball Clicker Overview


Ball Clicker is going to be one of the simplest games online you play today, with the arcade clicker idle games combo always being one of the most beloved among the kids from our website, even more so if they are are to feature balls from sports, as it's the case with football right now, the European kind, with our team now giving you a glimpse into the game so you can start giving it your best!

Play the best Ball Clicker online!

As the title suggests, you need to keep clicking on the ball, doing so to earn energy and points, using them to upgrade the clicker, meaning you earn more energy from clicks, as well as powers and multipliers. Among the things you can buy, you've got:

  • Multipliers: Tire, Snowball, Ping Pong Ball, Plastic Bottle...
  • Upgrades: Autobounce, Gravity Grip, Momentum Magnifier...

Try to see if you can click and unlock all the balls, get all the items, and amass the biggest number of points possible from this game, after which we recommend you check out some other ones, similar to it, of which we've got plenty, we promise!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Studio of the Hawk

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