Ant Art Tycoon

Ant Art Tycoon

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Ant Art Tycoon
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Ant Art Tycoon Overview


Ant Art Tycoon is bringing a really unique spin to idle business games online, not only because it takes us into the world of art, but also because it features ants, which we've definitely not seen before, meaning that you're about to have quite the unique experience, one we definitely recommend you have right now!

Become an Ant Art Tycoon!

You start off with five ants, and as they dive into the ink and then spill it on the sheet, they create a painting. You take that painting and sell it, and with your money, you will buy more ants, so that they can create even more art, and faster. That earns you even more money, and you rinse and repeat this method.

In addition to buying new ants, also acquire some new colors, to make the paintings more expensive, and keep acquiring upgrades as you keep making art, to generate more money, which is how you become a tycoon. It's that simple and interesting, so begin right now, and see what other great games in this style we've got here, there are plenty!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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