Ant Colony

Ant Colony

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Ant Colony
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Ant Colony Overview


Ant Colony is an idle management, strategy, and war game set in the world of farming, nature, and, ants, as the title suggests because the colonies of ants are always under constant attacks by bigger bugs such as spiders or cockroaches, but we are sure that with your strategy skills, you will survive any and all attacks from them!

Help the Ant Colony survive, expand, and defeat its enemies!

Berries, leaves, and mushrooms are the resources you need to use in order to create new ants, which come in two kinds of roles, the battle ants who you will send out to fight, and the worker ants, who go out and collect the resources.

Try adding new units like these as much as possible, using them to farm the colony and make it bigger and bigger, and when the enemies appear, send out your troops to defeat them.

If you leave enemy bugs alone and don't destroy them, they will instead destroy your colony, a moment at which you will have lost the game and be forced to start it again from scratch.

Always grow bigger, and stronger, and make sure that your ant colony stands the test of time. We wish you the very best towards all of that, and invite you to see what other great games we've got in store for you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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