Kings Clash

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What is Kings Clash?

Kings Clash

Kings Clash is here to make the number of war and strategy games in 3D that we have on our website even bigger, which is a great idea, considering that we know for a fact these games are beloved by boys and men all around the world, girls and women too, so no matter who you are, we invite you to try this interesting new addition right now!

Can you win the online Kings Clash?

With your army you are trying to advance through new territory, defeating all the stickman armies you encounter, doing so with your own army of stickmen. You are blue, they are red.

Use the mouse to place units on the available slots, and if you have two identical units, you can merge them into one to grow their size and power.

After you've arranged your soldiers on the battlefield, hopefully with strategic logic, not randomly, hit the attack button and let the fight begin. Hopefully, you become the winner.

After you win fights, use the coins you earn to upgrade the army, set the stage for the next duel, and if you win battle after battle, you will eventually win the war as well. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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