Clash of Warriors

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What is Clash of Warriors?

Clash of Warriors

Clash of Warriors is a strategy and war game with cards that we highly recommend for each and every one of our visitors, as we already know that this is a format that so many of you adore, and we would love nothing more than to bring you high-quality such games in the genre, making our website better than before with each new addition to it!

Who will win the Clash of Warriors?

Use the mouse to place cards with warriors on the battlefield, putting them next to those placed by the computer, who is your opponent, and whom you have to defeat by putting cards with better attack power. Make sure not to remain without troops, and use special cards with magical powers, healing, or other cool stuff to take advantage of.

Each new battle that you take part in becomes more difficult than the one before it, but we promise that more fun all at the same time, so don't stop here, you never know which kinds of awesome games we bring you day after day!

How to play?

Use the mouse,


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