Stick Clash Online

Stick Clash Online

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Stick Clash Online
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Stick Clash Online Overview


Stick Clash Online is a brand new game on our website and a very special one at that since there are few games out there that manage to combine action and fighting with maths and education, but since all these things are important to us, we're happy the game has all of the things in it, and it is a fun and exciting time from start to finish, level after level, just like we are going to prove it to you right now and here!

Defeat the boss from each level, but take out his minions first!

For starters, know that the characters in this game are stickmen, and you will control a group of blue stickmen, with the goal you have for each level being to defeat the main boss of the red army, and along the way defeat his troops.

You will be placed on a battlefield with multiple spots on it, all linked by a road, and you have to move from one spot to the other one, fighting with the soldiers in each place.

You have a number above your troops, so target troops that have a smaller number than yours, since only then you win, and then are able to also add their numbers to your forces, growing in power.

Of course, you should take the best path that will get you to the boss and be able to defeat him, so always aim to get more points for your forces than his. Good luck!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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