The Amazing Digital Circus: Kick the Character

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The Amazing Digital Circus: Kick the Character
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What is The Amazing Digital Circus: Kick the Character?

The Amazing Digital Circus: Kick the Character

Let's Kick the Character from the Digital Circus that you love the most, such as Pomni, Jax, Caine, Kinger, Ragata, and others, in what is a new clicker game, kicking game, and a kick-ass game all around, where all of us have had a ton of fun, and you will too, even if you are new to this world. It's a great game to start off within the category, as you get to learn more about the characters too!

Kick the Character from The Amazing Digital Circus Games category you like most!

Let the game choose a random character for you, and then using the mouse you will kick them around to get money for each time you do damage to them, and with the money you earn ou can buy guns, bombs, swords, and various other weapons.

What for? Well, kick, hit, punch, shoot, and damage the characters even further, as those hits are going to help you earn even more points in return.

The best way to enjoy this kind of game is by kicking all the characters available, something we invite you to do now, and we hope when you're done you stick around to play more games from this or any of our other categories!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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