Skibidi Toilet - Pump your toilet bowl!

Skibidi Toilet - Pump your toilet bowl!

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Skibidi Toilet - Pump your toilet bowl!
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Skibidi Toilet - Pump your toilet bowl! Overview


Pump your toilet bowl is a new kind of clicker game we've just added into the Skibidi Toilet Games category, which is inspired by the format of caring games, but being a toilet, that means a whole new thing, as you will be dirtying it up and filling it up with bad things instead, as much as possible, something we will now teach you how to do!

Pump your toilet bowl with Skibidi Toilet!

Give the toilet rotten eggs, brains, eyes, and other kinds of nasty foods, wash it up when it starts getting dirty, put it to sleep, play mini-games with it, and hand out medicine when it turns into a zombie.

The goal is to keep the meters of all these things down below on the screen up, in the green zones, and buy new things for them to keep things interesting, the more that you play.

You will see the toilet making various actions, and you will earn points, the more that you pump it, having to fill up the progress bar in each level before the time runs out to level it up. Buy new skins for it as well.

Experiment with the toilets however long you see fit, and we're sure you will have a nasty but fun time all at the same time!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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