Five Nights with Skibidi Toilet

Five Nights with Skibidi Toilet

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Five Nights with Skibidi Toilet
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Five Nights with Skibidi Toilet Overview


A Five Nights with Skibidi Toilet game online was bound to appear sooner rather than later, considering just how popular this character is, something you can immediately see from the other hits of this category, and if you thought that the toilet with a human head is only funny, now you will know that it is now going to be also scary, something we will tell you all about right now!

Can you survive Five Nights with Skibidi Toilet online?

As the title suggests, there are five nights that you have to survive in this game, all without getting caught and killed by the Skibidi Toilet, and you have to do it until the clock reaches 6 AM, which is the cut-off, as the monster cannot survive in the daylight.

Use the monitor button to view the cameras and keep an eye out on the rooms for the monster, because if it is not there, it might be outside your room. Lock the door to protect yourselves, and alternate between these moves to avoid getting caught, which happens if you run out of energy, so don't allow that to happen.

Now that you've understood everything, be ready to start this game right now, only here, after which we've got even more great content to come, which we hope you will not miss out on for anything!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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