100 Cameramans vs 100 Toilets io

100 Cameramans vs 100 Toilets io

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100 Cameramans vs 100 Toilets io
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100 Cameramans vs 100 Toilets io Overview


Trust us when we say you are not ready for 100 Cameramans vs 100 Toilets io, one of the best new multiplayer games that this category has had, also an action game with a simple premise and even simpler gameplay, which is why we totally recommend it, and we will use this following part of the article to put you up to date, so you can begin the fun at once!

Let's win in 100 Cameramans vs 100 Toilets io online!

As a Cameraman you are going to use the mouse or touch controls to move around the map, where you will have 100 toilets to defeat, as you compete against the other 99 cameramen on the map to defeat more than them, climb the leaderboard, and if you're on top at the end, you win.

Do the same in the single-player mode, where all the other cameramen are bots, but still your competition. Move with the mouse, and click right and left to perform a kick and flush down the toilets. As you keep doing great, you will be able to unlock new classes for your character and become stronger through it.

Feel free and confident to begin right now, and then try sticking around to see what more surprises arrive today on our website!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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