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What are Meme Games?

Meme Games are a category that is more relevant than ever, since memes can take something small and make it into something big, and the same can be said for many of the categories we've had here before, which were propelled up into the skyrocketing stage, such as:

One of the latest examples of that, which has made us convinced that this kind of genre needed its own page are certainly the new Grimace Shake Games online we have been bringing about here, a category we invite you to check out separately, as with all the other ones up top, but also check out its games on this page!

Until then, let's dive deeper into what memes are all about, what kind of awesome games they have managed to inspired over the years, and how you can get creative yourself with some of our most awesome Meme Maker Games online we already have here, and the ones to also come in the future!

Find out why playing Meme Games online is both fun and funny all at the same time!

Back in the past, memes were very simple, and they usually came in the form of stick drawings with funny faces that expressed disgust, laughter, sadness, and other sentiments, with many of them being known as Troll Face memes, which even inspired a game series on its own, a really awesome puzzle and logic games collection!

Now, memes can appear in other formats in addition to images, which are considered quite simple, as many of them are videos now, thanks to applications such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube shorts, with the likes of Skibidi Toilets, Cameramen, the Banana Cat, and we can't forget the Nextbot Games, which are usually horror, but can be funny as well!

Speaking of horror, internet culture and urban legends such as Mimo, Slenderman, the SCP monsters are also sort of memes, as people take the original stories and turn them into all sorts of other media and creations, which then go crazy popular all around the internet.

Some other memes that need mentioning, and which you will also surely encounter in this category include:

Whenever a new meme pops off and becomes popular in the world of gaming, you can bet that our team will instantly start bringing you new games onto this page with them, so we recommend you come over as often as possible, not to miss out on any of them!

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