2 Player: Skibidi vs Banban

09.08.2023 2.212 25 votes

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What is 2 Player: Skibidi vs Banban?

2 Player: Skibidi vs Banban

2 Player: Skibidi vs Banban will now cross over two of our most popular categories of recent times, and the fact that it is also a fighting game at the same time, one in 3D, should give you even more reasons to check it out and have fun with it, and we will now explain to everyone what it is to be done!

Who will win the 2 Player fight of Skibidi vs Banban?

One player presses D, the other one presses the Left button to punch the other one, and the one on the left is Banban, the other one is Skibidi. To win, deplete the other one's health bar faster than they do it to you, simple as that. Whether you choose to play with another person or against the computer, lots of fun awaits you, so make sure to start right away!

How to play?

Use the D, Left keys.

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