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What are Banban Games?

The Garten of Banban is a game that continues the trend of really popular horror games with silly characters and toys or other objects that would usually be cute and be targeted at kids, but with a scary side that takes a turn on how things develop, resulting in some really interesting survival experiences to have, and it seems this new game has resonated with fans quite a lot, which is how we are now able to share with you so many amazing Banban Games online for free!

Find out why kids and adults want to get scared playing Banban Games online unblocked!

Euphoric Brothers are the development team behind the game, which was first got released on 6 Jan 2023, when it instantly became a hit with audiences and players, while not so much with critics. Banban's Kindergarten is the setting of the story, which might seem like a welcoming place for kids, as they should be, but it hides a deep secret!

All the kids there went missing one day, which is when it got closed, and a frustrated mother, because people are not investigating enough, decides to infiltrate it and to find her child, as well as any others she might find. You play the role of this brave protagonist!

In addition to Banban, after which the game is named, you have other characters such as Opila Bird or Jumbo Josh. After the first game, which ran for about fifteen minutes, we got a sequel, Garten of Banban 2, with more scares and horror, and even a third installment, Garten of Banban 3.

The game is a single-player first-person game where you explore the haunted kindergarten, trying to survive the monsters that will appear there because if they catch you, you lose.

Of course, when it comes to the fan-made games with Banban online that you can now find here, there are even more things to do. Come and solve a Banban Puzzle, see what the characters are doing in the FNF Games category as well, where you can now sing with them and against time, or try to see if you can survive 5 Nights With Ban Ban!

Trust us when we say that these are just the humble beginnings of this series, since the year has just started, so we expect more official sequels, and many more fan-made games here for you to play, and we are always going to be the first ones in sharing them with you, so if you now love this universe, check us out as often as you can!