Garten of Banban Screamers

31.05.2023 8.615 167 votes

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What is Garten of Banban Screamers?

Garten of Banban Screamers

Garten of Banban Screamers is a game that will replicate the horror sounds you hear from this original indie video game in the best way possible, with the task for you being to try to face them all and see if you can survive them, something we will now teach you how to do, so you can start playing the game at once!

Get scared with the Garten of Banban Screamers online!

There are going to be eight screamers in total, each a different toy or monster from the game, and as you hear them out, you get to unlock them, as only two are available from the get-go!

It's simple as that, so begin now, see if you can stand it, and if you like this game, make sure to try the more developed games this category has to offer, as we've got quite a lot of them, as you will notice immediately!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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