Imposter & 100 Doors

Imposter & 100 Doors

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Imposter & 100 Doors
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Imposter & 100 Doors Overview


Imposter & 100 Doors is a new action-adventure game online from the Among Us Games, which is crossing over with the world of Ban Ban Games, and which also has puzzle and horror elements in it all at the same time, so we now highly recommend this fresh and interesting new experience, both on computers or mobile devices, and for that we will now explain all you need to know regarding the game!

Play Imposter & 100 Doors for your latest adventure!

Use WASD to move your imposter, and use the mouse to tap on the hand button when you need to pick up items, or to click on other action buttons. One example is the hiding one, as you need to hide in closets as the ghosts start haunting the rooms because if they catch you, you die.

You also need to find keys to open doors, batteries to power them up to open, and other useful items that will help you get past any tricky points on the map. The difficulties increase level after level, but so does the fun, so we hope to see you start right now, complete all the levels and their puzzles, and we hope to see you around for more fun to come as only here can be found!

How to play?

Use WASD and the mouse.

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