Garten of Banban Obby

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Garten of Banban Obby
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What is Garten of Banban Obby?

Garten of Banban Obby

Garten of Banban Obby is the latest platform-adventure game online with running and jumping elements that we wanted you to check out right away since it combines multiple genres with one of the best visual styles of this gaming world, the pixel style, and it is also one of our newest 2 player games online at the same time, so there are plenty of reasons to try it out!

Let's play Garten of Banban Obby, solo, or in 2 players!

With the ARROWS and the WASD keys you move and jump with your character, the Obby Noob, whom you have to help reach the end of each track without getting caught by the Garten of Banban monsters, which are colorful and cute, but they are dangerous, and you lose if they hit you.

Some chase you, and some are in front of you, but all of them need to be avoided at all costs because bumping into them means death, but instead try to catch as many gold coins as possible, while you should also avoid the pits and other kinds of dangers you might encounter.

Good luck, the very best we wish you, and we hope you are not stopping here, since there are more great games to come, as we've only just started the day!

How to play?

Use WASD and the ARROWS.

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