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What are Rainbow Friends Games?

Rainbow Friends Games are all the rage right now after the first chapter of this horror experience dropped on Roblox on October 14th, with this game having been created by Fragment Games, and we are now very happy to say that we've got a full category for them here for you all, free of charge and unblocked because now you no longer need to be just on Roblox to experience these games, as you can do it here also!

The first chapter of the story is set in Odd World, an amusement park that a group of students has visited. Things started going crazy when they were kidnaped and put inside a facility, where each night they have to collect items to avoid the strange creatures lurking around. You've guessed it, they are the Rainbow Friends:

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Through these games, you need to roam the facility, collect items, and avoid getting caught by the monsters mentioned earlier. Those that survive get brought back to a safe room at the end of each night, where they prepare for the next one. Among the main items that you need to have collected are blocks, food packs, fuses, and batteries.

These are the main gameplay facts you needed to know regarding the main series of games, which we will try to recreate here also, but know that the characters might also be featured in other series, such as FNF Games, where you get to have rhythm battles against these characters.

This is just the beginning of the category, and you can bet that we will always be the first ones to share with you the newest games with Rainbow Friends online, so stick around to never miss them!