Draw Rainbow Ninja

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What is Draw Rainbow Ninja?

Draw Rainbow Ninja

Draw Rainbow Ninja is the perfect game for us to start this day off with, as it features the Rainbow Friends Games and Poppy Playtime Games category all in a format of puzzle games with drawing and action, where you draw to attack, as you become a ninja rainbow monster, something we will now teach you everything about right away!

Draw Rainbow Ninja to defeat your enemies!

In each level you have targets such as Huggy Wuggy or other Rainbow Friends, whom you have to cut or simply defeat using the weapon at your disposal, and, along the way, collect the coins as well. Those coins can be used to buy new skins for your ninja, as well as other weapons for him to use.

Use the mouse or finger to draw lines that represent the path on which the character attacks, and make it so that you take down all the foes, and, at the same time, grab your coins. Do that for all the targets to clear each level. Good luck, enjoy, no matter how hard things get, and stick around to see what other great content is still in the works today here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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