Roblox Obby: Rainbow Path

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What is Roblox Obby: Rainbow Path?

Roblox Obby: Rainbow Path

Roblox Obby: Rainbow Path is the latest new addition to our website you should not be missing out on anything in the world, since the games in this series have not disappointed so far, and they are not going to start today, especially with this awesome addition, about which we will tell you more right now!

Climb the Rainbow Path with Roblox Obby online!

Use WASD to move your blocky avatar, shift to run faster, and space to jump. The goal you have is to keep climbing up, and the further up you reach, the more coins you can collect, with which you can unlock all sorts of awesome treasures.

Of course, if you fall down, you will be forced to start again from scratch, or maybe from a save point if you have had the luck of crossing through one of them!

We hope to see you unlock lots of avatars, reach big heights, and do it fast too, since you are going to be timed, and the faster you are, the better your performance will be. Enjoy!

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