Roblox Obby: Color Platforms

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What is Roblox Obby: Color Platforms?

Roblox Obby: Color Platforms

There's really no way better for you to start your day off than by playing new Roblox Obby Games online on our website, which is what we invite you to do right now with the Color Platforms mod, a brand new addition to this ever-growing series of fun parkour, adventure, and all-around fun games in 3D, which we recommend, which we will now explain how it goes, so you can give this game your best at!

Go on the Color Platforms with Roblox Obby!

Use WASD to move around the colored platforms, and know that each step of the way you will need to place yourselves on the platforms with the color required for that stage, because after the time runs out, the other colors disappear, and if you fall into the abyss, you lose.

Stay up until all the other players fall down for you to win, simple as that! You will need to keep moving faster and better to complete each step, as things only get more challenging the more that you play. Enjoy!

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