Garten of Rainbow Monsters

Garten of Rainbow Monsters

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Garten of Rainbow Monsters
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Garten of Rainbow Monsters Overview


Garten of Rainbow Monsters, as the title suggests, combines two of our most popular categories of toys with a hidden agenda, which look cute, but actually are in a horror world, and we're quite positive that you will enjoy fighting against them right now, something we will explain so that you can give your best!

Can you survive in the Garten of Rainbow Monsters online?

This is a 3D street fighting game where you can play as Jack or Sara, and go into the nefarious kindergarten where you meet these toys and have to beat them up, and as you go, no matter how many foes you encounter, still take them down and reach the end and survive.

Use the arrows to move, Z to punch, X to kick, and C to defend, and you can press the spacebar to jump. If they hit you too many times instead and your health bar depletes, you will be the one losing, so focus not to let it happen, but keep fighting and surviving, and you will eventually win! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z, X, C, and space.

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