Rainbow Friends but the Blue turned Red

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What is Rainbow Friends but the Blue turned Red?

Rainbow Friends but the Blue turned Red

Rainbow Friends but the Blue turned Red is a new skill and puzzle game with hypercasual elements set in the world of Roblox's Rainbow Friends, but, as the title suggests, Blue is now Red, and he is going to be your target, something we will now explain how to do, worry not, since we want to see you perform to your best at this and any other games we offer!

Play a puzzle-shooting game with Rainbow Friends but the Blue turned Red!

Drag and release the mouse on the sword in order to shoot it in the direction you want, doing it so that you hit all the Blue-turned Red monsters in a level, which are sitting on various platforms, and making sure you eliminate all of them before you run out of moves to make.

If you can also shoot the arrow through the coins to collect them, even better, since you can use them in the shop to buy new skins and awesome upgrades you get to use. Of course, it goes without saying, that each new level is going to be more complicated than the last, but that is what keeps the game fresh and intriguing. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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