Rainbow Friends Survival

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What is Rainbow Friends Survival?

Rainbow Friends Survival

Rainbow Friends Survival is about to become one of the top shooting games 3D that this category has had so far, something we can easily confirm from our own time spent playing it, which is why as soon as we could we made sure to bring it over for you as well, so you can share in this amazing time with us!

In this new Rainbow Friends game, it's all about survival!

Let's show you the controls first: WASD for moving, Q and E to peer, the left mouse button to shoot, the wheel to change weapons, R to reload, shift to run, CTRL to crouch, and space to jump.

In each level, there will be countless Rainbow Friends attacking you from all directions, and you need to shoot them down instead to survive while being careful not to let them attack you too much since your health bar getting depleted means losing.

In each level, you have a target number of friends you need to shoot down, and if you reach it, you win and advance to the next level which is more difficult, but we promise that more fun as well. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use WASD, Q, E, the mouse, R, shift, CTRL, and space.

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