Rainbow Friends Escape

Rainbow Friends Escape

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Rainbow Friends Escape
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Rainbow Friends Escape Overview


Rainbow Friends Escape does not only feature these Roblox characters we know you love very much but is also a game styled in the look of Minecraft Games, as these characters are now quite blocky and pixelated, and the one you play the role of is a girl called Emma, as you need to help her escape Rainbow Park without getting caught by the colorful toys.

Let's Escape the Rainbow Friends!

Walk with WASD, look around with the mouse, and use synergy with E, F to hide, B to use equipment, and O to pause. Go around the park, meet with other characters and discuss things, play mini-games, find clues, and make sure to hide in case the Rainbow Friends appear since they want to snatch the children, just like you are.

Add items to your inventory to use them when needed, earn coins to buy awesome things or trade, and make sure not to lose all your three lives, because at that point you lose the whole game. Good luck, enjoy, and more of you we hope to see more here today and every day!

How to play?

Use WASD, the mouse, E, F, B, and O.


Emma Craft

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