Rainbow Friends Among Us

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What is Rainbow Friends Among Us?

Rainbow Friends Among Us

Rainbow Friends Among Us combines the popular Roblox format and the popular multiplayer game with crewmates and impostors and creates one of the best new playable experiences that you can now have on our website free of charge, one we highly recommend, knowing from our own time with this action-packed game how great it is!

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As an impostor you will have to move through the maze you are thrown in and find the twelve toys, because only then will you have achieved safety and won the survival battle, and we say that because the Rainbow Friends, such as Blue, Red, Green, and the others, are chasing you down.

If you allow the monsters to catch you, you lose. There are other impostors moving through the maze, and you need to find all twelve toys ahead of them to win. Move with WASD, use the mouse to look around, and when you wish to hide, which is a great option every time, use F.

If you have not achieved your goal before the time runs out, you lose. Good luck, enjoy, we hope you survive countless stages, which only get more harder, and win against the colorful foes as many times as possible, after which we hope to see you play even more of our daily content!

How to play?

Use WASD, F, and the mouse.

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