Noob vs Rainbow Friends

Noob vs Rainbow Friends

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Noob vs Rainbow Friends
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Noob vs Rainbow Friends Overview


Noob vs Rainbow Friends is a Roblox game online where the most iconic characters to have come out from this platform in recent years are going to be your enemies, where you will play the role of the Roblox Noob, the yellow figurine everyone starts off as, and we're sure that you will have plenty of fun together, just like we did, and we will now explain the mechanics, so you can give this game your best from the get-go!

Who will win the Noob vs Rainbow Friends confrontation?

The game is a simple puzzle-shooting game online where you have to shoot down all the Rainbow Friends in each level, figuring out a path of aiming shooting to get past obstacles, some of them which you can use to knock off the bullets from, or others that disappear when shot, like the yellow bricks with question marks on them.

Each new level features a puzzle that is more difficult than the one before it in how you need to target your enemies, but that also means having more fun. As you progress, you get points, but remember that the number of bullets you have per level is limited, so don't run out of them and still have targets on the screen.

We're now wishing you good luck and all the best, and hope that you don't stop here, since the day has many more to offer, as you would expect!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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