Rainbow Alphabet Lore

Rainbow Alphabet Lore

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Rainbow Alphabet Lore
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Rainbow Alphabet Lore Overview


Rainbow Alphabet Lore is a crossover between two really popular juggernauts of the internet, which is why we are very excited that our team had the chance of sharing such a new game with you all here after we have already had a ton of fun with it ourselves, so sharing it with you as well as a non-starter!

Escape the Rainbow Alphabet Lore and survive it!

You become lost in a classroom of monsters that look like letters, and you try to disguise yourself as another letter too, so that you can perform missions without getting caught by the rainbow ones, who are evil and try to get you, just like their Roblox inspirations.

The game has over 100 challenges, and you get daily updates for it, so we recommend coming back as often as possible. Use the mouse to interact with the characters around you as well as with your surroundings, and try to take the best courses of action no matter what this game throws at you, since dangers run amok.

If you get caught by the monsters masquarding themselves as nice letters, try the game again from scratch, and see if next time you can perform better. Are you  ready? All this fun awaits you one click away, we promise!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


Bin Studio

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